The only Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki specialty store in the metropolitan area

Extraordinarily special feeling and color in casual everyday life

I have been working with ceramics for over 40 years.

Seikado is the only Kyoto-Kiyomizu-yaki specialty store in the Tokyo metropolitan area that offers a wide selection of pottery made by master craftsmen in Kyoto.

"I want to add glamor and color to my ordinary life..."

We propose the pleasure of using and seeing, and the Japanese color of traditional crafts.

From traditional designs to modern objects made to suit modern life,

It is a lineup that can only be obtained from a specialty store that is difficult to obtain elsewhere.

If you are looking for high-class Japanese tableware in Tokyo, please leave it to "Seikado".

Individuals who like pottery, as well as restaurants and cooking classes

We have a product lineup that will surely satisfy even those who want to stick to the tools of the trade.

In addition to the products in the store, we also accept orders for order-made products that are made together with customers based on their requests.

Please come to "Seikado" once. Numerous vessels are waiting for a wonderful encounter with you.