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How to place the container

Maple type: Place the tip of the largest leaf on the far side.
Tripod: One of the three legs is in front.
Leaf plate of tree: The tip of the leaf is on the left and the petiole is on the right.
Clam shape: Place the joint of the shell on the back side.
Fish: Lay the dorsal fin up.
Katakuchi: Originally, it was a tool for transferring sake and oil. Place the spout on the left.
Fan-shaped: The open shape is placed so that the fan's core is in front, but depending on the design, the center is on the left.
Teapot: Turn the lid so that the steam vent hole faces the spout.
Picture plate: The bottom side is facing you in the direction of the picture.
Tea bowls and rice bowls: The side with a picture or design is in the foreground.
Others: Look at the back and if there is an inscription, you can tell the top and bottom. Place the bottom in front of you.