The only Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki specialty store in the metropolitan area

Three reasons why Seikado vessels are special

1. Commitment to traditional crafts

In modern times, the world is full of cheap wares mass-produced by machines. Such a vessel is sufficiently excellent as a function, and it can be used without problems for daily use.

However, the difference is obvious at a glance compared to the handmade works created by the artist's refined technique. The pottery of the artist has a unique atmosphere brought about by skilled technique and sense, and the warmth that is unique to handmade.

At Seikado, we only deal with such hand-made vessels. What's more, from the eyes of Seikado's professional staff, we carefully select and stock only the artists' wares that we think are really good.

Therefore, the price will be higher than the mass-produced products. However, the pleasure, excitement, and splendor of having your favorite artist's pottery in your everyday life is an experience that cannot be experienced with mass-produced products.

Wake up in the morning and have breakfast with a coffee cup and a plate that will make you feel better.

At the dining table with family and friends, a lively conversation is triggered by your favorite tableware that makes the food stand out.

Through Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware, we want to provide daily vitality and happy times with family and friends.

And I'm going to take care of my favorite vessel. The more you use it, the more you will become attached to it, and the color will be born in your daily life. I think there is more "value" than the price.

2. High rarity that can only be obtained here

Since it is a handmade work by an artist, it cannot be made in large quantities at once.
Therefore, if you miss the chance to get it, you will not be able to get the same thing twice.
In addition to the wares of contemporary artists, we also carry a large number of antique wares.

In addition, Seikado has a relationship of trust with its creators that has been cultivated over many years, so it is possible to display rare vessels that are rarely seen at other stores.

We have visited the creators over and over again and have witnessed how they challenge themselves to create pottery with their unique skills and sense. Wonderful creators have a sense of pride that they are responsible for Kyoto's traditional crafts and a quest to create better works in the world. Step by step, we have built up trust by acting as a bridge between passionate creators and customers who are looking for the real thing.

Through such a relationship, we are able to offer truly valuable and rare vessels at a more affordable price than usual.

"Special feeling" that only you have in this world
I want you to know the real thing and use it carefully.
At Seikado, we have a large number of vessels waiting for such an ultimate encounter.

3. 40 years of history and the only Kyo-yaki/Kiyomizu-yaki specialty store in the metropolitan area

Founded in 1975, Seikado is now the only Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki specialty store in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

We have two stores in prime locations in Tokyo, Akasaka and Denenchofu, and we are operating with the support of many customers every day.

The founding president, Igata, graduated from the Military Academy.
The military academy is a school for cultivating military elites, where they are taught to defend Japan and learn strategies and attitudes to win against enemy countries every day. I spend my school days far from pottery and business.

However, when he was officially dispatched to the battlefield soon, Japan was defeated and the war ended. I lost sight of my goals and was thrown out into the world in despair, and I spent a period of time at a loss as to what to do.

Still, I chose a trading company to survive, and I had a fateful encounter with a very famous potter, Living National Treasure Kakiemon. You will come to know the weight of the years that have been handed down as a traditional craft by touching the heart and the extraordinary technique that has been passed down for 400 years.

From a life that pursues how to defeat the enemy, to a life that pursues how to make people's lives richer and happier. You will be fascinated by the depth of the world of pottery that seems to be the exact opposite.

“I want as many people as possible to know about this wonderful tradition.

The single-minded desire to create Seikado has been handed down unbroken to the present day.