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How to handle ceramics

We recommend that you soak the pottery in lukewarm water before use to keep the pot moist before use, as tea stains and stains will be less likely to stick to the pottery. In addition, there are cracks in the glaze on the surface called crazing, which is a unique feature of pottery.

Dirt such as tea stains and mold can be cleaned by immersing it in bleach (however, please be careful with gold-colored items).

Please be careful not to rub it strongly with a cleanser or nylon scrubbing brush.

Please refrain from using in the microwave oven for items with gold and silver glaze. Also, please avoid using it in a high temperature appliance such as an oven.

If the base is rough or the bowl does not sit well, use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth it out.

You may think that writing this way is troublesome, but basically, I think that it is enough if you wash it with water normally and let it dry naturally.

It is something that people will like and use.

Really good tableware can be used for a long time, and it has something in common with the Japanese virtue of valuing things.