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Tokoname ware Murakoshi Fugetsu black clay teapot

Tokoname ware Murakoshi Fugetsu black clay teapot

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work description

Tokoname ware, Murakoshi Fugetsu teapot.

In response to the voices saying that even though the teacups are Kyo-yaki, the teapots are still earthenware, Seikado has received the highest quality Tokoname-yaki teapots.

Fugetsu Murakoshi studied under Living National Treasure Jozan Yamada III, and is an artist representing Tokoname ware who has received various awards for his teapots that make use of only the color of Tokoname soil.

This teapot has a chic and elegant black mud that makes it stand out even though it is simple. The accented potter's wheel makes the teapot easy to hold, making it a beautiful teapot to look at and use.

In addition, it is said that using this teapot makes the tea actually delicious, and the secret lies in the hand-opened ceramic tea strainer. Since you don't need to use a stainless steel tea strainer, the original flavor of the tea is enhanced without the iron taste mixed in. *If the tea strainer is clogged with tea, it can be easily removed by soaking it in detergent to soften it.

A simple and easy-to-use teapot that is perfect for home use.

Author: Fugetsu Murakoshi

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