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[HANARE] "The World of Hariya Maki-e Exhibition" is being held (6/8 artist will be in the gallery)

Thank you for your continued patronage of Seikado GINZA HANARE.

Until June 25, 2023 (Sun), HANARE will hold the "World Exhibition of Hariya Makie", which brings together the works of the family of Mr. Kinuyo Hariya, one of Japan's leading traditional Makie craftsmen. increase.

"Haritani Makie" has a workshop in the Yamanaka lacquerware production area, has been introduced in various media including NHK, and has appeared in Prime Minister Kishida's message "Japan's charm" for the G7 Hiroshima Summit. A group of works.

In addition to traditional maki-e techniques using lacquer and gold powder, various innovative works using new materials such as acrylic are filled with beauty that has never been seen before.

This time, in addition to tea ceremony utensils such as jujube, Kinuyo Hariya has also displayed wonderful accessories that will enhance your charm, stationery goods that will make you look like a different businessman, and sake cups.

Enjoy the beautiful world of Hariya Maki-e at the HANARE store, and have a refreshing day by incorporating it into your life. We are looking forward to your visit during the period.

Artist's gallery schedule: June 8, 2023 (Thursday)