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[Ginza Main Store] August 2023 Tokoname Artist's Special Teapot Exhibition Now Being Held

Thank you very much for your patronage of Seikado.

In August 2023, Seikado Ginza Main Store will hold a special teapot exhibition by Tokoname ware artists from Aichi Prefecture.

From the work of Jozan Yamada III (sencha bowl), a Living National Treasure, to the precious work of Tsubodo, an intangible cultural property of Tokoname City.

In addition, we have a collection of works by artists with the highest techniques such as Shunen, Shoryu, Munenori, Aomine, Jinshu, etc., who represent the present age, and many unique items that can only be purchased here.

It is said that the teapot made from Tokoname soil makes the tea mellow, and a specially selected artist from Tokoname makes fine holes in each spout, so there is no need for a strainer. For this reason, Tokoname's teapot is a masterpiece that brings out the original flavor and aroma of tea.

Even though Tokyo is a vast area, the timing of having a large number of works of such high quality is very precious. We have teapots that can be used not only for Japanese tea, but also for sencha and herbal tea.

It's a hot season, but please take care when you come.