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[GINZA HANARE] Exhibition of "Chopsticks"

Thank you for your continued patronage of Seikado GINZA HANARE.

Until now, Seikado GINZA HANARE on the 4th floor of EXIT MELSA only sells bamboo chopsticks from Kyoto, but from this spring, they are also selling popular lacquered chopsticks.

The photo shows the brand chopsticks of Hyozaemon and Ginza Natsuno.

There are various shapes such as heavy chopsticks, light chopsticks, sharpened chopsticks, and hexagonal and octagonal chopsticks, and each has a different feel. In addition, various patterns using traditional techniques such as jewel-like mother-of-pearl are also stylish, and you will never get tired of it because you use it every day.
You can pick it up and try it, so why not find your own favorite chopsticks?

Perfect as a gift for someone special, or as a gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day!